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In a few days we will be together in our Universo Paralello once more celebrating the essence of alternative culture that is in each one of us.
Always prioritizing the welfare, safety and enjoyment of all, and keeping the format of the identity of our festival we will not provide ticket sales at the gate of the event, except for foreigners, because we have no pre sales points abroad,
Thanks for your understanding.

Cheers and a great 2014!

Universo Paralello #12

As the planet moves on its dizzying journey through space / time, testing the limits of our own civilization process, while the value of human life becomes increasingly insignificante, a mere cog in a system increasingly voracious ...

Universo Paralello renews its invitation and calls to all those filled with a spirit of love and celebration, to share your best energy, so that we can be back together, in a true piece of paradise, enjoying ourselves and the incredible structure that will be placed at our disposal so that we, in these days of festival, exercise the full potential, sacred, profane and always playful, a true Parallel Universe.

As of now, here, on the site of the festival, you will find all necessary information to enable not only to attend the event, but also make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Basic information, travel tips, tickets, infrastructure, all musical programming and cultural events, which every year seeks to diversify its colors and flavors, news about the concept and composition of the various dance floors and our culture and art project CircuLou.

Throughout the years biographies of the participating artists, the result of social projects and sustainable information and menus of several restaurants, among other information will be updated on our website, which will make the wait until the date of opening the gates of the Festival more bearable and pleasant.

It is indeed with great joy that once again we can say:

Welcome to Universo Paralello!!!